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The Benefits of Using Weather Pack Connectors

Wire connectors and electrical connector systems are multi-pieced assemblies that are commonly utilized in applications ranging from automotive and marine to agriculture and other electrical connections. There are many distinct system options to pick from, and each series has its own set of features based on how the electrical connectors are used and applied.
Knowing the various sorts of connections, their benefits, qualities, and functions help establish a positive relationship straightforward and efficient.

Wire Connectors in a Weather Pack

Delphi/Weather Packard’s Pack wire connectors are a premium, environmentally friendly series of sealed connections. They’re made for a vehicle’s engine compartment and can be employed for a variety of tasks,such as customizing wire harnesses or just changing individual components. They are not, however, solely for use in automobiles. Marine, agricultural, and other harsh-environment applications benefit from Weather Pack electrical connectors. Weather Pack wire connectors are a popular connection option because of their high performance and quality, as well as the fact that they are compatible with a wide range of vehicle models. The Weather Pack wire connectors’ housing components incorporate an audible snap-action lock and a secondary terminal lock to help decrease terminal stress and enable optimum terminal alignment while allowing easy service access. Female and male housing options range from one-way to six-way. The terminals required for the Weather Pack electrical connectors include a flex-pin and lip-lock design, allowing them to be locked into the connector cavity while maintaining a positive connection. Cable seal crimp wings alleviate strain on the cable core while also ensuring correct seal location. Male and female terminals are available in the following gauges: 20-18 gauge, 16-14 gauge, and 12 gauge.


Ribbed seals on environmentally sealed connectors form a water-tight barrier that keeps moisture out. They’re so well-sealed that they’re rated IP 6K9K, which means they’re even dust-proof, so even the tiniest of particles won’t bother these connectors. When it comes to water-related applications, these connectors are the finest option.

Service in the Field

Equipment may need to be withdrawn for maintenance or modification on a regular basis. Field serviceability is critical in this situation. When you can simply plug and disconnect as needed, you won’t have to cut cables or replace connections afterward. The maximum level of field serviceability is provided by these connectors.


When the connections’ two ends join, a solid protective enclosure is formed. Internal conductors are protected from impact and abrasion by the sturdy casing. This ensures that even in harsh industrial environments, your connections are safe. Environmentally sealed connectors provide a higher level of protection than other connectors.


One factor that many people overlook is how long an electrical connection will endure. If you plan on replacing parts in the next year or two, you should reconsider the connecting technique. Environmentally sealed connectors provide long-term protection in hostile environments that other connector types can’t match.

For years, a variety of auto manufacturers have employed this connector configuration because it can withstand temperatures ranging from -40? to +257? F and has a good level of resistance to water, chemical spray, and dirt particles. Self-lubricating silicone seals are used on each of the terminals to provide this resistance (male and female). Furthermore, the silicone seals are crimped to keep contamination away from the wire. Multiple sealing ribs are used in the seal design to keep the terminal pins dry and clean.

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